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I am a regular yoga practitioner whose first journey into yoga started after a running injury. I needed to stay active while also rehabilitating my ankle, so I bought a few yoga DVDs and the rest is history. This blog is to help others who may be new to yoga, and feeling as bewildered as I was when I first started doing yoga over 9 years ago. I don’t always get to do my yoga as much as I’d like since life is a bit more busy than it was then, back when I was single and didn’t have kids! 🙂

I try to keep the jargon to a minimum on the site, as I find the physical benefits of yoga to be more along my line of expertise and interest, and it is what I can speak most genuinely about.

All people are welcome here, and I hope that we can each learn from one another. No form of promotion, bullying or other uncivilized behavior will be tolerated on the site…I want people to feel that this is a place of peace and non-judgment. So if you are a yoga master, descended from a line of revered yogis in India, please share your insights but with gentleness and respect for the fact that some of our guests here are just starting their journey.

In general the site’s format will strive to outline the basics of yoga for the average person living a busy life, but who wants some balance in the field of physical fitness. If you have any suggestions for topics that you would like to hear me write about or any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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