Are Yoga retreats worth it?

Are Yoga retreats worth it?

Yoga is a common practice at present and if you make your mind to include a little exercise in your vacation, a yoga retreat by yourself or with a friend or significant other, can be a good way to have a unique getaway. Yoga retreats allow one to pick and choose from a number of individual private yoga instructors, which allows you to focus upon a particular aspect of your health and well being. For instance, one person might be interested in meditation and slimming  routines, while another may want to focus on flexibility or yoga postures that help with core strength.

Why do a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat, then, is not just a garden variety trip, but one that aims to impact both body and soul. So, if you’re looking for added value, a retreat that is located in an area that you’d like to visit, will let you have your cake and eat it too….daily yoga routines sprinkled generously into a few sightseeing escapades. Let’s be real, part of the fun of going on a vacation is that you can go back and tell your friends about it. A yoga retreat is a perfect opportunity to have a unique story to share with people, and goes far beyond the regular: ‘oh, you know, we just walked around the city center, ate at a few restaurants, saw the landmarks…etc’  Instead: ‘It was AMAZING…first, our instructor was this guy/lady from (insert exotic location) who really took time to work with me on my (back, flexibility, core strength, center, etc), and by the third day, I felt more relaxed than ever…so after our routines (insert friend’s name) and I would go see the sites, and’….well, you get the picture.

Don’t forget that yoga holidays also can include outstanding spas and massages that focus on kneading out knots and kinks….helping you to move and breathe with ease; detox diets are also popular at such retreats and help to rid your body of harmful chemicals and pesticides that are in much of the food we eat throughout the year. Yoga retreats may not be popular with certain people, but if you are health and fitness conscious, why not give it a try?

Locations for yoga retreats

There are a lot of places one could go, even if you’re not able to leave the big city…a weekend or day retreat is still a wonderful opportunity that everyone should try at least once. Below are a few suggestions that might help get the (exercise) ball rolling for you. It may be  a stretch (couldn’t resist!), but why not imagine yourself at one of these fabulous yoga retreat centers?

Yoga Retreats in South of France:

Yoga Retreats in the Bahamas

Yoga Retreats in New York City

Yoga Retreats in Laguna Beach